Why ActivatedRoute.queryParams is not working in Angular?



I am using routing in my Angular app.

I have bellow route in my routing module.

    path: 'user/:name',
    component: UserComponent,

I am using queryParams of ActivatedRoute to get name from route. this is my code.

this.activatedRout.queryParams.subscribe( params => {

  this.user_name = params['name'];


But params are undefined. please help me.


For understanding, you have a route look like user/karthik?style=awesome for example, the part karthik is the param :name , while you need style=awesome, which is the query param, that’s why it is undefined.

If your intend is to subscribe for params changes, use paramMap, not queryParam.

this.activatedRout.paramMap.subscribe( params => {
 this.name = params['params']['name']

Or you can use params :

this.activatedRout.params.subscribe( params => {
 this.name = params['name'];

Answered By – Ethan Vu

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