While replacing using regex, How to keep a part of matched string?



I have


so on as file names in listed in a text file.

I need to replace only those dots(.) infront of numbers with a space.(e.g. 12.hello.mp3 => 12 hello.mp3).
If I have regex as “[0-9].”, it replaces number also.
Please help me.





\1 \2

Also, in recent versions of notepad++, it will also accept the following, which is also accepted by other IDEs/editors (eg. JetBrains products like Intellij IDEA):

$1 $2

This assumes that the notepad++ regex matching engine supports groups. What the regex basically means is: match the digits in front of the first dot as group 1 and everything after it as group 2 (but only if it ends with mp3)

Answered By – Ioan Alexandru Cucu

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