Which commit has this blob?



Given the hash of a blob, is there a way to get a list of commits that have this blob in their tree?


Both of the following scripts take the blob’s SHA1 as the first argument, and after it, optionally, any arguments that git log will understand. E.g. --all to search in all branches instead of just the current one, or -g to search in the reflog, or whatever else you fancy.

Here it is as a shell script – short and sweet, but slow:

git log "$@" --pretty=tformat:'%T %h %s' \
| while read tree commit subject ; do
    if git ls-tree -r $tree | grep -q "$obj_name" ; then
        echo $commit "$subject"

And an optimised version in Perl, still quite short but much faster:

use 5.008;
use strict;
use Memoize;

my $obj_name;

sub check_tree {
    my ( $tree ) = @_;
    my @subtree;

        open my $ls_tree, '-|', git => 'ls-tree' => $tree
            or die "Couldn't open pipe to git-ls-tree: $!\n";

        while ( <$ls_tree> ) {
            /\A[0-7]{6} (\S+) (\S+)/
                or die "unexpected git-ls-tree output";
            return 1 if $2 eq $obj_name;
            push @subtree, $2 if $1 eq 'tree';

    check_tree( $_ ) && return 1 for @subtree;


memoize 'check_tree';

die "usage: git-find-blob <blob> [<git-log arguments ...>]\n"
    if not @ARGV;

my $obj_short = shift @ARGV;
$obj_name = do {
    local $ENV{'OBJ_NAME'} = $obj_short;
     `git rev-parse --verify \$OBJ_NAME`;
} or die "Couldn't parse $obj_short: $!\n";
chomp $obj_name;

open my $log, '-|', git => log => @ARGV, '--pretty=format:%T %h %s'
    or die "Couldn't open pipe to git-log: $!\n";

while ( <$log> ) {
    my ( $tree, $commit, $subject ) = split " ", $_, 3;
    print "$commit $subject\n" if check_tree( $tree );

Answered By – Aristotle Pagaltzis

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