Where are websites html/js stored on local computer, in chrome, windows 10?



When typing some url, e.g www.google.com (or www.news.com or any other), some client-side code gets downloaded to my local machine, so that the browser can display and run whatever is in there.

I would like to look at that code and maybe slightly modify it.

My google searches failed, probably because I am unfamiliar with the correct terminology for what I am searching. I wasn’t even sure about which tags to put on this question.

Where are websites client-side files stored locally? Specifically on chrome, windows 10


If you want to view and edit at the source of the page you’re currently looking at, and have your changes reflected in the page immediately, use the browser developer tools (this will be much better than “View source”, as it will interpret any clientside DOM generation, give you a collapsible, edited, nested-list view of the DOM, etc).

If you want to make changes that would persist, i.e. every time you view a particular website your changes will be applied to it automatically, then you’re looking at building yourself a browser extension, either for your specific browser or cross-browser.

Browsers don’t, as far as I know, store the source of a page during render on disk in any way that can be viewed or usefully modified.

Answered By – Daniel Beck

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