Solutions To The Most Common Smartphone Problems


Imagine smartphone problems, and the most frequent problems faced by smartphone owners include poor storage, low battery life connectivity issues, etc. However, do we are aware of how to solve these issues on smartphones? Therefore, we’ve provided solutions to these typical smartphone problems you can test out for yourself.

Insufficient Storage

This issue with smartphones tops the list of problems for Android smartphones due to the internal memory capacities of Android devices is not what they appear. For instance, the fact that a device has 32GB does not mean you’ll receive a device that has 32GB storage. If you have a phone with 32 GB storage capacity, the majority of the space is taken up in the operating system as well as the pre-installed applications. In the end, we find ourselves installing and uninstalling more often because of the space limitation.

If you happen to encounter an error message that says you have insufficient storage Uninstall all unneeded apps from your phone. It will clear space and ensure that your device is operating smoothly. After that, transfer some applications, images, and large files off your device to an SD card. You’ll be amazed by how much space you’re left with.

Make it a habit of clearing all cache (the phone’s temporary storage space). Each app you use uses space for cached files and clearing them can free up enough space. To clean the cache:

Navigate to the smartphone’s settings menu.

Select Apps.

Select an application that offers an abundance of cache storage (Facebook, Twitter, Game, Chrome).

Click on Clear Cache…

Phone Freezes Smartphone Problems

Smartphones typically slow down when the internal storage is full. This is why you have to remove any unnecessary applications, then move your pictures and videos to Dropbox or SD card and refrain from making use of live wallpapers.

Make sure to close all the running applications which cause your phone to stop working or, like a similar electronic gadget, you can try switching off your smartphone, hold it for a while and then turn it on to turn it back on. Restarting your device often solves many issues with the device. It is also possible that your phone doesn’t have the latest version of the update. Therefore, try to update it.

If you find that your device freezes often when you launch an app, it’s recommended to remove the app because some apps are unreliable or cause crashes. In addition, you can also try Clean Master. The clean Master app, which is free in the Google Play Store. It will clean your phone by getting rid of all garbage and boosts the performance of your phone to a degree.

Phone Slows Down Smartphone Problems

If your smartphone starts to slow down and applications take longer to load and open remove a couple of applications, clear the cached data, and verify your SD card if it’s one. The SD card could slow down your phone’s speed therefore, upgrade it if it is necessary.

Look for any updates on your phone. If it doesn’t work, perform the factory reset. Remember, a factory reset removes all the data from the phone, making the phone appear like it was before you opened it. Make sure that the phone has all its information stored on an external hard drive before when you attempt an initial factory reset.

Additionally, those useful mini-apps, sometimes referred to as widgets, that we use on our phones can take up too much of our resources. Some widgets, like clocks or Chrome bookmarks, are great features to add to the home screen, however, keep in mind that every widget runs in real-time when you’re using your device. Deleting any widgets that are not essential won’t just free up space, but also enhance the performance of your phone.

Mobile Battery Drains Quickly

The most efficient way to extend the battery life of your smartphone is to alter the brightness settings. Do not use the auto-brightness settings and make it as dim as you can since it will use up the battery. Get rid of unnecessary widgets on the home screen, such as news and social media apps that are displayed on your home screen to provide live updates.

Switch off your notifications and, especially, GPS when not in use. You can also let the battery run completely every three months. This can help preserve its capacity to charge.

Mobile Connectivity Issues Smartphone Problems

This is a problem that is common for most phones. When you next encounter difficulties connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or your cellular networks, switch off the mode that allows airplanes for a couple of minutes and then turn off the airplane mode. If this doesn’t work you can try shutting off the internet on your phone and switch it back on.

If none of these suggestions work, then your phone is or isn’t working properly and you should upgrade or the phone is suffering from several serious issues that require to be addressed. Whatever the issue is, if your phone is covered by Onsitego Extended Warranty, Onsitego Extended Warranty plans you will never be worried about fixing your phone. Onsite will repair, picks up, and then delivers the device to your doorstep at no additional cost. The plan will begin at the time the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Visit this link for more details regarding this extended warranty program.

Smartphone Problems
Smartphone Problems
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