Shopify: Which LIQUID file to look for to add a logo between product tabs section and related products section?



I need to place a an image/logo between the product tabs section and related products section in my Shopify store’s product page. The screenshot below shows the location for the same. Could you please direct me to the file to do this? Our store is using Prestige theme.

enter image description here


You don’t need an app for that.

If you need the same image on every product page, just add a section image using theme > customize > product page.

if you need a different image on each product, you can add a file product metafield (settings > metafileds > products) after that add the same section by the customize page but relate the section content to the metafield you just create, in this way you can select a different image by product.

You can even write a new section on code with extra options and the metafield, on this and create something very flexible.

Writing your code for use customize page and metafields is a good practice, it made your site more flexible and easy to use for nontechnical members of your team/client team.

Here more info about metafields

My response is more OS2.0, depending your theme will be easy or harder to accomplish.

If you’re using an old theme that wasn’t 2.0. It’s better to change the theme to one more modern, if that is not an option, you can start migrating the product template from liquid template to JSON template

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