ReactJS – Can't obtain parameters from url using Route. How can I pass params through url with Route?



I’m trying to pass user_id through url as follows. The link http://localhost:3000/activate/1 works now but I have no idea where to find the params? If I recall correctly I should be able to access them from "props.match" but this doesn’t exist. I can’t find the params in props.

Can anyone point me in the right direction what I did wrong?

I’m using React 17.0.2

      <Activate />


export default function Activate(props) {

  useEffect(() => {
    console.log("props", props);
    console.log("props", props.match); // undefined
  }, []);

  return <div>hi</div>;


There is a hook "useParams" in react-router-dom.

  let { id } = useParams();

where "id" is your param (users/:id)
You can read about that here:

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