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I want to show a table in the html using python flask framework. I have two array. One for column heading and another for data record. I am able to show the table perfectly when I have two or more records. However, if I have only one row then table formation is not right. How to fix this problem? Could help me to solve this?
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from flask import Flask, request, render_template

app = Flask(__name__)

def my_form():

    headings = ("name", "role", "salary")
    data = (("rolf", "software engineer", "4500"), ("neu", "civil engineer", "1500"), ("neu", "civil engineer", "1500"))

    return render_template('table2.html', data=data, headings=headings)


{% for header in headings %}
       <th>{{ header }}</th>
        {% endfor %}
    {% for row in data %}
    {% for cell in row %}
    <td>{{ cell }}</td>
    {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}


This code seems to fail with a single record defined incorrectly as:

data = (("rolf", "software engineer", "4500")) # incorrect

The fix is to include the trailing comma for the outer tuple, which must be done when a tuple contains only one item:

data = (("rolf", "software engineer", "4500"),)

‘Why’ can be demonstrated in the python shell:

>>> data = (("rolf", "software engineer", "4500"))
>>> data
('rolf', 'software engineer', '4500')
>>> data[0]
>>> # etc ...
>>> data = (("rolf", "software engineer", "4500"),)
>>> data
(('rolf', 'software engineer', '4500'),)
>>> data[0]
('rolf', 'software engineer', '4500')

In the template, a string is reaching the loop: {% for cell in row %} where cell is each character in that string, instead of an individual item from the inner tuple.

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