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So, I’m in PowerShell and I can run a command like…

& .\curl.exe -vk -u <username:password> -F <some data> -F <some more data> --url <url here>

That all works fine, but sometimes there are more data entries to add, so more "-F"s to add. Like…

& .\curl.exe -vk -u <username:password> -F <some data> -F <some more data> -F <more data> -F <and another one> --url <url here>

I’ve tried creating foreach loops and building a long ScriptBlock but it doesn’t seem to like that if I use the created string and Invoke-Command. Like this…

$Data = @()
$Data += "some data"
$Data += "more data"
$Data += "even more data"

$Script = @()
$Script += "& .\curl.exe -vk -u <username:password>"
foreach ($D in $Data) {
    $Script += "-F $D"
$Script += "--url <url here>"

$FinalScript = $Script -join ' '

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {$FinalScript}

Any help welcome. Sorry if this is not in the correct format… Newb! Oh and this is on PowerShell 5.1… because Windows!


One option is to construct an array of -F <string> sequences you want to pass to curl and then use the @ splatting operator:

# define the data contents
$data = @(
  "some data"
  "more data"
  "additional data"

# prepend each data item with `-F`, store the resulting sequence in a new array
$Fparams = $data |ForEach-Object { '-F', $_ }

# invoke application and pass -F params with the @ splatting operator
& .\curl.exe -vk -u <username:password> @Fparams

Answered By – Mathias R. Jessen

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