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I have searched all over the forums and cannot find a answer to my problem. I have tried to install some CMS that use PHP to my website and all of them are showing up blank. I have enabled error reporting in the php.ini and no erros where shown. I am using Debian 7 to run my server. I have installed apache2, mysql-server, and, php5, php5-mysql, and libapache2-mod-php5. The Configuration File For PHP is accessible here: The CMS Im Currently Using Is Joomla and is accessible here: Thank you in advance for your reply.


I get this issue a few times a year.

Here is my debug steps:

  1. Make sure apache is running

    ps ax | grep httpd | grep -v grep

    and that its listening on port 80 for http:

    netstat -l | grep http
  2. add a index.html to the root dir and check that
  3. add index.php with

That will normally tell you where its broken up at.

Since your using a CMS, make sure your URL rewrite mod is enabled, and that your config is allowing overrides.

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