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I’m trying to install the mod_xsendfile Apache Module on Windows (7) x64 (using Apache 2.2) — yes I’m doomed from the get-go, I know :-). Apparently there is :

a) No Win x64 binary for mod_xsendfile, just a Win32 binary from the module’s website

b) No Win x64 binary for apxs from ApacheLounge

I’ve tried the usual LoadModule xsendfile_module modules/ but the semi-obvious error (httpd: Syntax error on line 127 of C:/Apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load C:/Apache/modules/ into
server: The specified module could not be found.
) occurs, it’s not Win x64 compatible.

The question remains — how does one build the module for x64, is that even possible ? I have VS and any tools that might be required.

I just wanted to see if this would improve my Rails protected attachment download speed – currently getting quite ghastly speeds for simple images.

Thank you in advance !


I’m the author of mod_xsendfile.

I provide win32 binaries only as a courtesy. I still recommend you build yourself from the source. That way you can be sure the binary isn’t tampered with, not even by me :p

There are currently no official Win64 Apache2 (or 2.2) builds from the Apache Foundation. Since I test my builds against the official binaries I cannot be sure the binaries will work once the foundation releases official Win64 binaries. Hence no Win64 builds from me

Building from the source is pretty much straight-forward if you aren’t novice to (in the Windows case) Visual Studio. The binaries ZIP and/or my github repo contain project files you may import into your Apache solution. I was told even the free Visual Studio Express should be enough to do working builds. The thing is open source.
Should there be unanticipated portability problems, I welcome patches 😉

As a last resort you can still run the official Win32 apache + mod_xsendfile on a Win64 box.

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