is there any function in firebase Google Auth package for flutter to find the date of the creation of user?



i want to get the user creation timestamp, is there any way to do this?
im using google sign in auth.
Any help is appreciated!

Edit: i cant find the user creation timestamp when printing the whole user

Edit 2: Code I am using for authentication:

  GoogleSignInAccount currentUser;

final GoogleSignIn googleSignIn = GoogleSignIn();
final FirebaseAuth auth = FirebaseAuth.instance;

Future<FirebaseUser> signIn() async {
  GoogleSignInAccount googleSignInAccount = await googleSignIn.signIn();
  GoogleSignInAuthentication gSA = await googleSignInAccount.authentication;
  FirebaseUser user = await auth.signInWithGoogle(
      idToken: gSA.idToken, accessToken: gSA.accessToken);

  print('Signed In as ${user.displayName}');
  return user;


You can get the creation timestamp in epoch format with:



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