Is Redis cache effective for simple windows application(management software)?



I want to implement caching on a simple desktop application. And I am using WPF .NET Framework. So, is Redis cache could be effective considering the portability? Or is there any best option available?


If you need a cache for a simple solution, I suggest you use the InMemory cache. But if you are making a complex solution you should definitely consider a Distributed Cache (e.g. Distributed Redis Cache
), and the reason is that Distributed Cache is:

  1. Is coherent (consistent) across requests to multiple servers.
  2. Survives server restarts and app deployments. And that’s because your cache is
    usually in a different location (e.g. Azure)
  3. Doesn’t use local memory.
  4. Is scalable

For more details for InMemory cache read

For more details for Distributed cache read

Answered By – Miloš Pantelinac

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