Is calling multiple APIs from a mobile app harmful?



I am developing an Android app with sails.js backend. Assume that I have 3 different APIs, namely A, B and C. These APIs only fetch data return them with minor / no computations or update values in the databases. Each of these APIs take 300-400ms respectively on live.

Currently, I am running on a micro EC2 instance of Amazon Linux, which will be scaled as more users come in.

Is it a good idea calling 3 APIs from the Android app or having a single APIs which performs the job of all 3 APIs in a single call? My idea of creating 3 different APIs is to reuse the same in my AngularJs front end.


It is a good idea in terms of reusability as you’re already using these APIs. But I would still go with an API that summs up the functionality of three calls with one just because mobile device don’t always got a good internet connection. Using a single API call requires less traffic and decreases the loading and response time.
I would recommend measuring the API call time with the android emulator using extreme connection settings (EDGE, high latency) and compare the results.

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