Introduction to Android App Development


Android rules the smartphones 

Do you have a mobile phone? Oh yeah, a very silly question. Nowadays everyone owns a mobile phone and most of them are smartphones the most popular Operation System (OS) on which these smartphones run is ANDROID.

See the image below from IDC, to confirm that Android is the world’s dominant mobile operating system.

IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share Chart


Andy Rubin, the man who initially founded Android Incorporation in Oct 2003 and later was acquired by Google in Aug 2005 and in 2007 Google launches its beta version and a year later in Sept 2008, it was launched commercially as Android 1.0 and HTC is the first device with android OS.

Android App Development

Java is top of all application layers in android and therefore its applications are primarily written in Java.

So make sure Java is installed on your machine before getting started with android. We also need Android Software Development Kit ( Android SDK ) which comes with all the essential tools needed to develop an android application.

Android Studio which is an official IDE for android app development, comes with all the necessary tools. It is very highly recommended to develop apps with Android Studio as the support for ADT plugins in Eclipse is removed.

You can get the official Android Studio IDE here.

That’s it guys, stay tuned for more posts In the next posts we will know about different layouts ( Linear, Relative, Frame, Grid, and more), and also learn about Activity, Fragment, Intents, and many others to follow.

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