Installed Tesseract 4.1.0 on Windows but –version in cmd is showing version 3.05.00dev



As the title says I installed Tesseract version 4.1.0 which is also shows under apps and features but when I type tesseract --version in cmd it shows 3.05.00dev

according to this tutorial:

it should show at least 4.0

then I uninstalled Tesseract and typed tesseract –version in cmd and it still shows up as 3.05.00dev but I can’t find anything when I search for "tesseract" on the hdd.

What is wrong here?


That simple means you have another installation of tesseract (3.05.00dev) somewhere and you need to uninstall it.

If you can not find it in installed app, try this command in cmd:

where tesseract

It should reveal you where is tesseract installed and just remove it.

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