How to use validation in NestJs with HTML rendering?



NestJS uses validation with validation pipes and


If this fails it throws an exception. This is fine for REST APIs that return JSON.

How would one validate parameters when using HTML rendering and return

{ errors: ['First error'] }

to an hbs template?


You can create an Interceptor that transforms the validation error into an error response:

export class ErrorsInterceptor implements NestInterceptor {
    context: ExecutionContext,
    call$: Observable<any>,
  ): Observable<any> {
    return call$.pipe(
        // Here you can map (or rethrow) errors
        catchError(err => ({errors: [err.message]}),

You can use it by adding @UseInterceptors(ErrorsInterceptor) to your controller or its methods.

Answered By – Kim Kern

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