How to use Android Emulator on AMD Ryzen (Android Studio)?



I try to build Android app from Android Studio.

I tried to install HAXM from Android Studio installer but I’ve an error:

enter image description here

Intel Virtualization Technology is already enabled in my BIOS. And the Hyper-V is already disabled on Windows 10.


For Ryzen on Windows 10, use the latest stable instead of canary.

  1. Enable virtualization in BIOS.
  2. Remove HAXM.
  3. Turn off Hyper-V, Windows Hypervisor platform, Windows Sandbox(depends on your windows version, old versions may not have all). REBOOT


  1. Launch SDK Manager via Android Studio and you should see “Android Emulator Hypervisor Driver for AMD Processors”. Check and click “Apply”. The SDK Manager will download the installer package and unpack it to $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT\extras\google\Android_Emulator_Hypervisor_Driver. driver


  1. Open a Windows command console with administrator privileges.
  2. Go to $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT\extras\google\Android_Emulator_Hypervisor_Driver.
  3. Run silent_install.bat. Make sure you see the desired output from the installer: STATE: 4 RUNNINGresult

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