How to update mkdir in order to install express-generator without warnings?



I was going to install express-generator on windows computer. I used this

npm install -g express-generator

command in cmd and it gave me this

npm WARN deprecated mkdirp@0.5.1: Legacy versions of mkdirp are no longer supported. Please update to mkdirp 1.x. (Note that the API surface has changed to use Promises in 1.x.) warning. Then I used

npm install mkdirp@1

and successfully installed mkdirp@1.0.4 version. CMD confirmed it showing me this message

+ mkdirp@1.0.4
updated 1 package and audited 1 package in 1.981s
found 0 vulnerabilities

But unfoutunately when I try to reinstall express-generator using npm install -g express-generator, cmd shows me the same warning. Exactly the same warning. How Can I update mkdirp?? Help Me..


it’s caused by generally access copyright;

you can avoid the access to modify directory by :

$ sudo npm install -g express-generatoe@4.15.0

or the latest version to install:

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