How to translate seconds to minutes & seconds in Bash?



I have a Bash script that downloads files from a website through it’s API, and I wanted to implement a thing (for a lack of better words) at the end that would display how long it took for the script to complete. With this code, I was able to do it:


# -- Code to Execute --

echo "Task complete"
echo "Script completed in $(echo "scale=2; $SECONDS / 60" | bc) minutes"

However, this would display the time the script took to execute in fractions of a minute:

Task complete
Script completed in 1.35 minutes

How would I be able to translate the amount of seconds the script took to complete into minutes and seconds? Like this:

Task complete
Script completed in 1 minute and 12 seconds


Bash is good at simple integer math:

minutes=$((total_time / 60))
seconds=$((total_time % 60))
echo "Script completed in $minutes minutes and $seconds seconds"
# output -> Script completed in 1 minutes and 40 seconds

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