How to set window title for a MAUI Blazor App targeting Windows?



Ive created a small application from the MAUI Blazor app template in MAUI preview 10 and have it targeted and running on windows. I however wish to set the title of the application which I imagined would be done with the Title attribute in the MainPage.xaml ContentPage tag. This however does nothing when starting the application.

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In App.xaml.cs under Platforms -> Windows, the AppWindow can be retreived with some reflection usage. The Title property can then be set on the appwindow instance.

using Microsoft.UI;
using Microsoft.UI.Windowing;
using System;
using WinRT.Interop;
    protected override void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs args)


            var currentWindow = Application.Windows[0].Handler.NativeView;
            IntPtr _windowHandle = WindowNative.GetWindowHandle(currentWindow);
            var windowId = Win32Interop.GetWindowIdFromWindow(_windowHandle);

            AppWindow appWindow = AppWindow.GetFromWindowId(windowId);
            appWindow.Title = "Title!";

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