How to set up a local aosp mirror for use in different roms with source on git?



I’m interested in building a rom who’s source is available on github.
To minimize downloads I wanted to mirror the AOSP repository on my local devbox. I used the example given by Google:

$ mkdir -p /usr/local/aosp/mirror
$ cd /usr/local/aosp/mirror
$ repo init -u --mirror
$ repo sync

After that I changed to my “android” map and did a repo init I did edit the default.xml, changed the path to fetch AOSP in my local path, without https.
When I do a repo sync command, It fails with errors referring to git, are you sure it is a git repository, have the right path etc.
Is there somewhere a tutorial I could follow what would show the steps in doing this correctly?



When working on source development things get little bit tricky, the repo sync is not a git command (it’s basically a git of gits repository) and it’s like this due to the large size of the AOSP.

For the exact same purpose of creating local server for the AOSP google developed free open source remote version control system name Gerrit.
Gerrit is like a local GitHub for your AOSP and it’s also supports the Git framework.
Here is a great guide that will explain who to create your own local gerrit server for AOSP development.

Answered By – Nir Duan

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