How to replace "$10" with "10 dollars" using regex?



I have some phrases like below:

This is not my spending '$10', this is companys spending: '$250 million' and this is some other figure: '$200,000'.

that I would like to remove the dollar symbols and add "dollar" at the end of phrase, like this:

This is not my spending '10 dollars', this is companys spending: '250 million dollars' and this is some other figure: '200000 dollars'.

I now have regex to match([£\$€][\s\d,\d]+(|million|billion|trillion)), but I haven’t been able to get the substitution part right.

How do I do this?


You may use the following function to achieve what you described.

import re

def adjust_dollars(text):
  text = re.sub(r'^\$', '', text)
  text = re.sub(r'(.$)', r'\1 dollars', text)
  return text

Test run:

words = ['$10', '$250 million', '$200,000']
result = map(adjust_dollars, words)


['10 dollars', '250 million dollars', '200,000 dollars']

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