How to render a mobile screen with mobile app running on desktop browser?



I want to create a web app such as this?
enter image description here

I already have a mobile app how do I display my mobile app like this on the large screens?

On large screens, I want a mobile and then mobile app running within it.

This is the link for the website shown in image

I want my Website to work like this, how can I achieve it?

I already have an mobile app made using ionic, what i want is to use that app for large screens like this website has used.


This can be created by using an Iframe on the Desktop.

So I created an SVG for the borders of the mobile and rendered my app inside the SVG using the Iframe.

Since I am using Iframe so my app takes mobile width as viewport width and is rendered as it should on mobile.

Answered By – Shaurya Vardhan Singh

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