How to re-run the authentication in the r package meetupr?



I am trying to use the meetupr package from this repository: According to the ReadMe, a token is created the first time when running a meetupr function. In my case the Meetup server had problems at the time when I used the package, which is why I could not log in and generate the token. Now, when trying to run meetupr I get the error

Cannot read token from alleged .rds file:

The file mentioned in this error message is empty.

This error arises for example when I run:

find_groups(text = "book")

OS: Ubuntu 20.04

R: version 4.1.2

Browser: Firefox 94.0

I already tried to remove.packages("meetupr") and install.packages("meetupr") again, but that didn’t help.

How do I re-run the authentification function to create a token in this file?


Deleting the .rds file located in the folder that is returned by the following command should help:

rappdirs::user_data_dir("meetupr", "meetupr")

If you don’t tweak anything, the first time you run a meetupr function, you’ll be prompted to go into your browser and a token will be created. It will be saved to disk in an app directory as determined by rappdirs::user_data_dir("meetupr", "meetupr")

(Source: meetupr README)

So I think what happened is that while the authentication was not successful, the file was still created but without a valid token inside. meetupr thinks that if you have the file, you have a valid token.
Deleting the file should re-trigger the oauth flow.

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