How to push string array to json object?



I am new to typescript. please help to push the data so here it goes
Here the story goes I have string array and i need to push it to the json object

interface LocalIds {
    value: string;
    label: string;

 const localIds = [
    { value: 'test', label: 'test' },
    { value: 'test2', label: 'test2' },

////////////// HERE in string array that data is coming ///////////
    const localIdentifiers: string[] = string) => item);

///////////// I want to push the string array data to json object with label & value////// 
// I experimented alot but giving some type error and all I am not getting 
    localIds.push({ label: 'abc', value: 'abc' }); => localIds.push(...localIds:{value:i,label:i}[])); //ERROR


Try fixing last line as following

replace ; with , and remove [] at the end => localIds.push(...localIds, {value:i,label:i}));

also, you dont need ...localIds, since it will duplicate current array every time element is pushed to array

Answered By – Abdulah Proho

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