How To Print From Android Tablets (Google Cloud Print)


Very few people would not want to print from android tablet devices as they do not associate this device with printing as the devices are portable that do not need printed materials. However, there may be some situations where printing from tablet devices may be needed. Google Cloud Print is one such application from android that allows users to print several documents, pictures, or others stuff through wireless printers using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Let’s have a look at how it can be done easily.

The Google Cloud Print application supports all sorts of prints that have wireless connectivity with the computers and are directly compatible with printer brands like HP, Kodak, and Epson. The first step of the process requires the tablet users to have the Google Chrome browser installed on the device. Many android tabs have this browser pre-installed, but those who do not have this browser application may download it from the Google Play Store. However, also remember to download the Google Cloud Print application from the Google Play Store as well. Moreover, a few things are needed to be specified before using this application like setting the Gmail and Google Browser to the US English language mode.

After that, it is required to set up the printer to the Google Cloud Print service which is very easy to set up as one does not need to physically plug the printer into the computer. In order to move on with the process, make sure to have a google account where you have to sign in from the Google Chrome browser. Once you are signed in, run the google chrome browser and adjust the settings for the printer in the browser. Once you have the printer connectivity option turned on with the google cloud print app installed, you will find the application option in the settings of the chrome browser. By just clicking the “add printer” option, the printer will be successfully set to your tablet device.

Always make sure that the Wi-Fi connectivity is strong or the Bluetooth is turned on properly while printing. Through the Google Outprint App, you can print documents, files, and images from Dropbox, Google Drive, and other local files stored on the device. Some Android device manufacturers like Samsung provide built-in print support with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, and USB making the whole process much easier with no need for internet connections. In addition to that, Google Cloud Print also allows users to print web pages and email documents from tablet devices.

There are a few more printing apps that are available for android devices alongside some built-in features from some tablet manufacturers. However, this Google Cloud Print is certainly regarded as the best one to perform the printing actions with ease and convenience for the users.

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