How to pass arbitrary arguments to a flask blueprint?



I have a flask api which I have wrapped up in an object. Doing this has made unit testing a breeze, because I can instantiate the api with a variety of different settings depending on whether it is in production, test, or whatehaveyou.

I am now trying to extend the api a bit, and for that I’m using a blueprint. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to pass arguments to the blueprint. My routes require information like which database to access, and that information is not static. How can I pass this information into a blueprint? I have included code below as an example:

class MyApi(object):
    def __init__(self, databaseURI): = Flask(__name__)

myblueprint= Blueprint('myblueprint', __name__)
@myblueprint.route('/route', methods=['GET'])
def route():
  database = OpenDatabaseConnection(databaseURI)

There is a related question here:
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But the people who answer the question solve the op’s use-case specific problem without actually answering the question of how to pass arbitrary arguments to a blueprint.


You could create the blueprint dynamically in a constructor function:

def construct_blueprint(database):

    myblueprint = Blueprint('myblueprint', __name__)

    @myblueprint.route('/route', methods=['GET'])
    def route():
        database = database


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