How to name a SQL query?



My professor is asking for me to include a query name for each and every query that is involved with this homework. I’m assuming he’s referring to an alias, so I’ve used this code successfully with some questions:

SELECT COUNT(CustomerID) AS Problem1
FROM Customers;

However, I can’t us AS when creating tables or deleting columns like this (without an error).

SuggestionID Char(5) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
Suggestion VarChar(100) NOT NULL,
SugContact Char(30) NOT NULL,
SugPhone Char(10),
SugDate Date NOT NULL,
SugPriority INT

OR when using INSERT INTO. So my question is this: how do I name a specific query, specifically when creating a database like the above or when deleting a column.


It is not possible to name a query as such – you could put it into a stored procedure or alternatively – and more likely, he’ll just want you to label the query with a comment like so:

-- Question 1

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