How to merge an interface and default values of a variable?



I have the disgusting code below where I want to combine the safety of TypeScript typing and default values of a variable:

interface Store {
  infinoteToken: string | null,
  allNotes: Note[],
  // plenty more

export const store: Store = reactive({
  infinoteToken: null,
  allNotes: [],
  // plenty more

I end up with two blocks of code with duplicated information.

Is there a way to combine these two elements to declare an Object with default values and types for its members?


This all can be moved to a class with default implementation:

class Store {
  infinoteToken: string | null = null;
  allNotes: Note[] = [];
  // plenty more


export const store = reactive(new Store());

Answered By – Dima Parzhitsky

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