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I’m using WooCommerce v3 api, my goal is to show a list with all the categories and horizontally show all the products by category, like:

Category name:
product product1 product2

Category 2 name:
product product1 product2

but there is not endpoint to get all this, so I get all the categories first with

  getAllCats(): Observable<any>{
    const req = this.httpS.get(`${'products/categories/?consumer_key=''&consumer_secret='}`);
    return req;

  getProductsByCat(catId: number): Observable<any>{
    const req = this.httpS.get(`${'products?consumer_key=''&consumer_secret=''&category='+catId}`);
    return req;

and then on my component I am doing this

categories: any = {};
  cats: Array<any> = [];
  products: Array<any> = [];
  catsWithAllProducts: any = {
    category: [{
      products: []
  kats: Category[] = [];

    this.pService.getAllCats().subscribe((cats) => {
      for (const [i,cat] of cats.entries()) {
        this.pService.getProductsByCat( => {
          this.catsWithAllProducts.category = cat;
          this.kats.push(this.catsWithAllProducts); //new categories array with products

I have two problems, the products[] is empty, I’m confused with, how to achieve to create a new object or array or array of objects with all the products inside a category. Right what is printed on screen is all the categories but with repeated name:

enter image description here

I have 10 categories, and it shows the first name that receives * the number of categories. What I’ve been thinking is that first it should be async, I mean is an observable but it is pushing to the array each element with or without response yet. I’m kind of stuck here, thanks for reading me.


I handle it with async/await and changing the regular for to forEach at showAllCatsWithProducts() method

  async showAllCatsWithProducts(){
    this.pService.getAllCats().subscribe((cats) => {
      cats.forEach(async cat => { //for each category
        const response = await this.pService.getProductsByCat( => { //It's gonna wait por their products
          this.categories.push({id:,name:,slug:cat.slug, products: res}); //Push category with products

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