How to make "php -S" to work on local network?



In OS X Mavericks (and newer), start a PHP server from the command line:

cd to/your/directory
php -S localhost:8888

It works, but the server only available on that computer only. Is there a way to test it on other devices within the same LAN?



You will want to launch the server with the command

php -S

This will allow you to access the server remotely (see docs

After this is done there are 2 ways to view the site on your local network where is the IP address of your computer which you can find in your System Preferences under Network.

http://myMac.local:8888 where myMac is your local computer name which you can find in your System Preferences under Sharing.

REMEMBER: Both of these options may require your firewall to allow incoming traffic to port 8888 (or whatever port your script is listening on), if you have that running.

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