how to import a component from a file that has several components



I want to import a specific Vue component from a file that has several vue components into another component file

I have tried the normal import component from ‘./components/SeveralComponents but that didn’t work

Vue.component('firstComponent', {
    props: [a,b,c],
    template: <p>hello world</p>

Vue.component('secondComponent', {
    props: [c,d,e],
    template: <h1> heading1 </h1>


export default {
    name: 'SeveralComponents',
    data() {
    methods: {
        method1() {

How do i import firstComponent into another component file?

I expect just the firstComponent


You can export the options object using a named export, and register the object with Vue in another step.

Then import the named export in your client file.

export const firstComponent = {
    props: [a,b,c],
    template: <p>hello world</p>
Vue.component('firstComponent', firstComponent); 

import {firstComponent} from 'MultiComponent.vue'

Answered By – Steven Spungin

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