how to get the snapshot of collection ( "message" ) by Descending order using "orderBy" method in firebase js v9



here i trying to get the collection("messages") snapshot which conatains document, but i want to get the collections snapshot which shoud be order by "timestamp" feild of documents in decending order how could i do that useing js v9 of firebase

onSnapshot(collection(db,"channels",channelId,"messages"),(snapshot) => {
  setMessages( =>


You can use query() function to build a query and then orderBy() function to specify the Query Constraint. Try the following:

import { collection, query, onSnapshot, orderBy } from "firebase/firestore"

const colRef = collection(db, "channels", channelId, "messages"), orderBy('timemstamp', 'desc'))

const q = query(colRef, orderBy("timestamp", "desc"))

onSnapshot(q, (snapshot) => {
  setMessages( =>

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