How to get the implementations of dart abstract classes in dart-lang github repo?



Since dart is an open source language I was trying to get the implementations of dart abstract classes? for example I would like to see how dart team implemented String abstract class to see "trim()" method implementation, there is similar question here maybe but couldn’t help me.


Navigating the Dart SDK repository require some experience before it gets easier. One reason is that it contains different implementation of some methods depending on the target platform (native vs JavaScript). Also, sometimes the native implementation is being done in C++ depending on if that makes more sense.

In your case, I have found the following two implementation of String.trim(). The first is used for native (Dart VM and AOT):

And the second is used when the target is JavaScript (sometimes, we can proxy methods directly to native JavaScript methods but in this case, the trim() in JS does have a different behavior from the String.trim() in Dart. This is documented above the method in the link):

Note about the annotations used in the first link

The internal Dart source code can often look a bit alien compared to the normal Dart code. E.g.:

  @pragma("vm:recognized", "asm-intrinsic")
  @pragma("vm:external-name", "String_charAt")
  external String operator [](int index);

The @pragma is used tell the Dart compiler some additional information. It can e.g. be to enforce inlining of certain methods. Or as here, tell the compiler it should call a C++ method bound to an entry called String_charAt. If we make a search in the GitHub repo. we can find that method here:

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