Fix No Mobile Network Error Best 3 steps


It’s an extremely difficult scenario for you to confront the Mobile Network Not Available problem when trying to contact your pals repeatedly. It’s quite annoying and you’re unable to get from it. Luckily! There are a few easy solutions to correct this issue. Most likely, you encounter this issue while you are using Samsung Galaxy phones, but the owners of other Android phones also complain of experiencing the same problem frequently. Here’s how to solve this issue.

If you are experiencing this problem If you encounter this issue, simply go through the process of selecting a network over and over again to prevent it from happening again next time.

Start by opening the “Settings” menu. Look for the Wireless and Networks category. There, you must tap the option “More”.Now choose Mobile Networks. Click “Network Operators” and then click “Manual”. After you’ve completed it, reboot the Android phone to rid it of this problem. Yes! It’s working now.

Step 2: Fixing Improper Radio Signals Broadcasting

dial *#*#4636 #*#* on Your Android phone. There will be a “Tasting Menu”. Choose “Phone Information” from the category. Now you will see an alternative “Run Ping Test” which will show up at the top of the screen. Click that option. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you will find an option drop-down menu. Tap the menu to reveal the options. Then, click “GSM Auto (PRL). Below is you will see the choice “Turn off the radio”. Select it and restart your phone to make it work efficiently. Then you’ll be rid of the issue for certain.

Step 3: Fix Firmware Problem

Sometimes, it’s due to a firmware error. If you update your firmware, it will be immediately corrected. What you have to do is make sure that you update your software.

How to Fix No Mobile Network Error

Fix Mobile network not available Error in Android-For All service Provider-mobile network not available android-mobile network not available. I get the following error message/notification while try to calling in my android: Mobile network not available. ok This error solution is common for android,tablets,bluestacks and the android versions are kitkat,lollipop,marshmallow and this error is also occurring some service providers like that airtel,aircel,bsnl,jio,vodafone,idea,docomo. Some error occrring devices are

samsung,lg,sony,asus,micromax,lenovo,htc,vivo,gionee,redmi,panasonic,one plus one,yureka,moto,pixel,nexus,sony xperia m,sony xperia m2,sony xperia z1,sony xperia m4,sony xperia z5,sony xperia z,samsung galaxy s3,samsung galaxy s6,samsung s5,s7,s4,lebara,moto e,moto g3,moto g2,moto x play,verizon,virgin,asus zenfone 5,lenovo p780,lenovo s660,youwave,coolpad,cyanogenmod,droid maxx,huawei,koodo,kenapa,samsung galaxy note 3,s6,samsung s3,samsung galaxy devices and some time iphone also. Solution: 1.Goto settings-SIM management. 2.Then click to “Deactivate” your sim card. 3.If this method is not working again goto settings-mobile data. 4.Choose your sim card and then click “Network operators”.SHOW LESSAllRecently uploadedWatched

Select “Settings” and look for the option “About Phone” that lies near the end of the list usually. Select “System Updates” to bring up the latest version of your device’s system. If there are any updates, you will have to install them, and then restart your phone. There won’t be a problem with the cellular system not being ready.

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