✅How to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Error problem solver


01. Restart Your Device

Most often, the “Mobile network not available” error can be fixed just by restarting your device. Restarting helps your phone retaining memory and fixing the crashes, which ultimately smoothens most operations. All the background apps and memory leaks, which may cause the network issue, can also be cleared merely with a restart. 

02. Remove SIM Card and Put it Back

This one is self-explanatory. Remove the SIM cards, and reinsert them properly. Check if the issue has been resolved. If it’s still showing the error, then try your SIM on another phone. This will help you know if the error is with the phone or SIM card. 

03. Check Network Settings

A wrong network setting is another culprit in such a case. So, you should have a thorough check of network modes and operators, and make sure the correct options are selected.

  • Open ‘Settings’, and then Tap on ‘Wireless and Network’
  • Select Mobile Network(s)
  • Tap on Network Operator
  • Select Automatically 

04. Check whether the phone is in Roaming Mode. 

Navigate to Settings >> Mobile networks >> Data Roaming

Disable it, if you see the Roaming Mode on. 

In case you’re in a roaming area, this mode should be enabled. 

05. Update the phone system to fix software bugs

Most of us usually skip system updates because we feel it’s unnecessary, or it’s a waste of data. However, system updates can help fix lots of software issues and introduce other features to the phone. At this point, updating your phone system could fix your mobile network issue. Simply go to Settings > System > System Update, to check and install any pending update.

06. Turn off mobile data and turn on it again

Start simple. In this case, a simple network restart might fix your malfunctioning network. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take your time. Just swipe down the quick-setting panel, turn off the data connection, then turn it on again.

07. Turn off WiFi.

If you’re trying to use your mobile network instead of WiFi, then turn off  WiFi. As you already know, connecting to a Wifi network pauses your mobile data connection. To connect to your mobile data again, kindly turn off WiFi from the quick-setting panel.

08. Make sure Airplane mode is turned off.

As you’re trying to fix your mobile network anomaly, ensure to keep off Airplane mode as it would turn off all connections, including your mobile network. If this mode is active, an airplane icon would replace the signal bars.

Simply swipe down the quick-settings panel, and turn off Airplane mode. Better still, you can disable airplane mode from Settings > Network and internet > Airplane mode.

09. Reset network settings

There might be changes in mobile network options after installing a system update or tweaking your device’s settings. Here, you have to reset network options to restore the initial setting. Here’s how to do that.

  • Open your phone Settings.
  • Scroll down and select System, then tap on Reset options.
  • Carefully select Reset mobile network (or Reset WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth), and then select the affected SIM card.
  • Finally, tap on Reset Settings.

This should reset your APN (Access Point Name) and other related parameters. Try using your mobile network again to check if it works.

10. Check your phone’s signal bar

You need strong network coverage to access the internet. In case your network signal reads “Emergency”, blank, or unstable, you won’t be able to access the internet or even make phone calls.

Simply check your signal bar from the status bar to see if there’s a network. You can ask people near you to confirm if they can connect to the mobile network on their phone. If not, it means it’s a general problem, and all you could do is wait for the network to restore or go to another location.

11. Go to another place.

Especially if you’re far away from the city or you’re in an underground room, you may lose network coverage. Moreso, if you’re traveling, you might not get a stable network until you reach a particular destination. As soon as you detect this on your phone, all you need is to move to another place with a better network signal.

12. Talk with your network provider.

Before trying some more technical fixes, it’s a delightful idea to contact your network provider. They can help you check and confirm if your SIM card works well. They can also tell you if the network is down because of some technical issues.

To do this, you can contact them via the customer care toll-free number or chat with them through their websites, before concluding to visit the nearest physical center.

13. Turn off VPN

Your VPN may hinder mobile network connection if it’s connected to a server not compatible with your carrier, or when the VPN app is buggy. To figure this out, kindly turn off your VPN, and connect to the mobile network again. If it works, you can try connecting to another server or change the VPN app.

14. Factory Resetting

This is what you can call the mother of all solutions if the cellular network not available for voice calls. Factory Reset brings your device back to its original state of apps, files, and settings, and proves effective against most of the software-related issues your smartphone may develop. But note factory reset your phone will delete all of the data on your mobile phone. 

Note:  But remember, factory reset means that your phone data, except the operating system, will be erased. So don’t forget to take data backup of your device beforehand

  • Open Settings, and click on Backup & Reset.
  • Here, tap on Factory Data Reset.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your passcode and erase everything.
  • Reboot your phone.

15. Find a repair professional.

Now, if all the above fixes don’t do the trick, it’s prime time to visit the repair shop. Perhaps your phone has hardware issues. In this case, we strongly recommend you reach out to your phone manufacturer or the official service provider as they’re the best to fix this problem.

Mobile Network Not Available

Method 1: Remove Battery and SIM Card

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