How to do I work on different version of application when using Git / BitBucket?



Need some advice again please.

This is regarding a single developer shop. I have a created a small application in C# and I am hosting the code on BitBucket as a Git Repository. The application is a WinForm app and version 1.0 is ready to be released. I have all my source code uploaded to BitBucket. During testing, number of bugs have been discovered and I have received couple of minor enhancement requests.

My question(s) are:
1. How do I work on version 1.1?
2. Do I need to create a branch or do I just continue working on the v1.0, making changing as needed? And once v1.1 is ready, then build it and publish it?

Currently, I do not foresee a scenario where I would need to support number of versions. However, I would like some input on the best way to proceed besides making number of folders labeled “My App v1.0”, “My App v1.1”, etc. 😛

Thank you for your help and I am sorry if this is a basic question.


Branches are cheap to make so you should be creating branches all the time in git. You could create a ‘1.1_wip‘ branch, and create a branch for each new feature or bug fix you want to work on. Anytime you finish work in any of your feature or bug fix branches, you merge it into the 1.1_wip branch.

Once you are ready to release/publish, then you merge your 1.1_wip branch back into your master branch and can create a tag, ex:

git checkout master
git merge 1.1_wip
git tag 1.1

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