How to disable reCaptcha in firebase phone-auth (OTP) android?



I’ve updated the firebase library recently and didn’t change anything else.

  implementation ''
  implementation ''
  implementation '' 
  implementation ''

but whenever a user tries to signup, a Recaptcha is showing for a few seconds and then sometimes redirects to a web browser (CustomChromeTab) after that OTP is received from firebase auth. It takes about 15-30 seconds. How to prevent the Recaptcha? However, I added the SHA1 and SHA256 in the firebase console and have not changed the code. Thanks.

Here is the screenshot of the captcha verification process:

enter image description here


Most of the times while implementing dependencies like:

implementation 'androidx.browser:browser:1.2.0' 

the above window pops-up in the browser.

Here, is a way to resolve it successfully.

Step 1-

In the Google Cloud Console, enable the Android DeviceCheck API for your project. The default Firebase API Key will be used, and needs to be allowed to access the DeviceCheck API.

enter image description here

Step 2-

If you haven’t yet specified your app’s SHA-256 fingerprint, do so from the Settings Page of the Firebase console. Refer to Authenticating Your Client for details on how to get your app’s SHA-256 fingerprint.

enter image description here

Hope it works!!!
For more information, you can also check Google SafetyNet API for checking Google Play Services installation in device at the time of Phone Authentication.

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