How to create Blob from local file with require in NodeJS?



need help again

I use Webpack and I have audio file, this is how I load it:

const file = require('@/assets/filename.mp3')
const blob = new Blob(file) // it doesn't work

Now I need to get Blob from it.. I can’t understand how to do that.

And the final goal is to get audioBuffer

Thank you for any answers 🙏


Use the Fetch API to request the file from the server. Then read it as an ArrayBuffer and decode it to an AudioBuffer by using the BaseAudioContext.decodeAudioData() method.

 * Get a file, read it as an ArrayBuffer and decode it an AudioBuffer.
 * @param {string} file
 * @returns {Promise<AudioBuffer>}
const fetchAudioBuffer = async file => {
  const audioContext = new AudioContext();

  try {
    const response = await fetch(file);
    const arrayBuffer = await response.arrayBuffer();
    return audioContext.decodeAudioData(arrayBuffer);
  } catch (error) {

// Fetch the file and decode it as an AudioBuffer.
fetchAudioBuffer('path/to/assets/filename.mp3').then(audioBuffer => {
  // Use your audioBuffer here.

Answered By – Emiel Zuurbier

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