How to compile typescript using npm command?



I just wanted to know is there any command which will directly compile the typescript code and get the output. Right now, what I am doing is, every time when I make changes in the file I have to re-run the command in order to compile it

npm start

This starts the browser and then I have to stop the execution using Ctrl+C and then I have to run the file using the npm command

node filename

to see the output.

So what I want to know is, is there any npm command which will compile the .ts file and see the changes which I have made in the file while I run the file using the

node filename



You can launch the tsc command (typescript compiler) with --watch argument.

Here is an idea :

  • Configure typescript using tsconfig.json file
  • Run tsc --watch, so every time you change a .ts file, tsc will compile it and produce the output (let say you configured typescript to put the output in ./dist folder)
  • Use nodemon to watch if files in ./dist have changed and if needed to relaunch the server.

Here are some scripts (to put in package.json) that can help you to do it (you will need to install the following modules npm install --save typescript nodemon npm-run-all rimraf)

"scripts": {
    "clean": "rimraf dist",
    "start": "npm-run-all clean --parallel watch:build watch:server --print-label",
    "watch:build": "tsc --watch",
    "watch:server": "nodemon './dist/index.js' --watch './dist'"

Then you just need to run npm start in a terminal

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