How to change the lcoation of firebase storage?



Hello everyone while checking my costs for my firebase project, I detect that I have high cost caused by appspot . My GCP- is located at eur3 (europe-west). But my firebase Storage is Multi-Regional. So my question is can I change the location for firbebase Storage ? My question is not about us.artficats only about if it’s makes sense to change location of firebase storage if so then how ?
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Also as you can see that us.artifacts… takes HUGE Bandwidth. The Problem should be fixed in Firebase CLI 9.14 but mine is 9.23.1. So I have no idea what caused this problem.Please leave also a solution(if you know a fix )down below.


Cloud Storage for Firebase stores your files in a Google Cloud Storage bucket, making them accessible through both Firebase and Google Cloud. Cloud Storage location is set on a bucket and you can create different buckets in different locations. You can change the storage class of the bucket but changing the location for the bucket is not supported currently. So if you want you can create another bucket with the preferred location. You can follow this guide on how to move and rename the bucket.

Now about the huge bandwidth taken by the us.artifacts… bucket, I would suggest you setting up the Life Cycle Management Policy on the bucket as mentioned in this StackOverFlow answer.

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