How do I split a string into a dictionary?



Trying to split into a dictionary:

output = "Port WWN" : 10:00:00:00:xx:xx:xx:01 ,
         "Node WWN" : 20:00:00:00:xx:xx:xx:01


d = dict(x.split(": ") for x in output.split("\n"))


expected output = 
{Port WWN : 10:00:00:00:xx:xx:xx:01, Node WWN : 20:00:00:00:xx:xx:xx:01}

getting error:

File "/Users/mike/PycharmProject/pyTest/venv/", line 6, in <module>
    d = dict(x.split("=") for x in output.split("\n"))
ValueError: dictionary update sequence element #0 has length 1; 2 is required


i think it will solve your issue:

output = "Port WWN : 10:00:00:00:xx:xx:xx:01\nNode WWN : 20:00:00:00:xx:xx:xx:01\n"

d = dict(x.split(": ") for x in output.strip().split("\n"))


sample output:
enter image description here

Answered By – Mahamudul Hasan

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