How do I debug Certbot Exit 1?



I am trying to launch a containerized version of my website using Nginx according to these directions

This includes a Certbot plugin to provide the certificates.
There are no errors, but when I run

docker-compose ps

I see this

certbot     certbot certonly --webroot ...   Exit 1

The problem may be related to the fact that the first time I ran the code, I got a notice that my domain had a certificate already assigned to it. Do I want to 1) reissue a certificate or 2) do nothing. This makes sense since I had been using a non-containerized version of my website before and had a Certbot certificate. The deployment in these instructions, however, is automated, so I did not even have a chance to answer the question. Also, I cannot regenerate the error message, so the wording is from memory and not exact.

I am new to this type of deployment so I do not know where to start debugging this issue. Also, if the problem is related to the above Certbot question, how do I fix it?

Thank you!!


So you can get more information on the problem using

docker-compose logs

Also, more information on rate limits for Let’s Encrypt can be found here

In my case, the exact error was:

cannot load certificate "/etc/letsencrypt/live/": BIO_new_file() failed 

The solution is described here:

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