How do I check if a device is an emulator or a physical device?



I want to know if there is any way to find whether the device is an emulator or a physical device.

I don’t want my app to be installed on an emulator.


You can use flutter_is_emulator to identify emulator or simulator.

bool isAnEmulator = await FlutterIsEmulator.isDeviceAnEmulatorOrASimulator;

Inorder this to work, you need to install the app to the emulator/simulator first.

You can also use another popular flutter package device_info to do this.

DeviceInfoPlugin deviceInfo = DeviceInfoPlugin();
AndroidDeviceInfo androidInfo = await deviceInfo.androidInfo;
print('Is emulator: ${androidInfo.isPhysicalDevice}');

IosDeviceInfo iosInfo = await deviceInfo.iosInfo;
print('Is simulator: ${iosInfo.isPhysicalDevice}'); 

Answered By – Midhun MP

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