How can you solve the most common smartphone issues?

smartphone issues

How can you solve the most common smartphone issues

Nobody likes a malfunctioning smartphone. If you’re able to spend your entire existence (more than less) on a mobile device and you depend on it to function at a high level. Unfortunately, crashes, bugs, and other issues are inevitable, particularly when your phone becomes older.

Good news: that a lot of the most frequent problems have fairly simple solutions that you can do yourself. However, this may not be the scenario. If the solutions you’ve tried don’t work what they promise, then we’re sorry to inform you that you might need to bring your device to repair by a professional, and/or (gasp) upgrade to the latest model.

Before you panic, you should take a deep breath. The solution to your dilemma could be just only a few taps away.

A couple of faulty applications

If your device is experiencing slowdowns, it could not be due to a widespread issue it could be due to a couple of bad apples. Finding out which one can save you from a visit to the repair shop and save you a few dollars. If you only have a handful of applications, you might be able to fix your situation by clearing out the data that they store in your smartphone.

For Android open Settings and then go to Apps and notifications and select the problematic application, then click Storage and cache. You will be presented with two choices. You can first try selecting the option to clear Cache to delete only temporary files the app stores in your smartphone. (When they become too large or are corrupted, they may cause issues with the speed of the app and its power.) Clearing cache won’t interfere with the settings of the app, however, it may take too long to fix your problem.

If that doesn’t work then select the option to Clear Data to erase the entire app’s data and begin from scratch. Clearing the data provides the most complete option however, you may need to enter your data again later, for example, your username as well as username and password.

On iOS You won’t have the same options to clear data. Instead, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Locate its icon, then press and hold it, then tap the Delete App option in the drop-down menu. Find it in the App Store and install it again. It will erase all local data while the application will start new. If you wish to delete multiple apps at the same time simply hold and press the app you want to delete and then hold until you see the drop-down menu appear. Within a couple of seconds the icons of all apps will begin shaking and small grey “X’s show up on their icons. Click the icon to erase.

The uninstall-reinstall method of the past is also applicable to Android phones if the clearing data method failed. On the Hub or the unlocked screen, click and hold the icon of the app and then drag it towards its “Uninstall” button. This method comes with the benefit of ensuring that you’re running the most recent version which includes all updates and bugs fixed. If you’re looking to return the app it’s important to back up the app’s data, whether it’s documents or high scores, before you start the uninstall-reinstall process. The majority of apps now store data on cloud storage however it’s not a bad idea to check.

If you’re having issues with an application even after the uninstall and reinstallation then it’s the right time to conduct some research to determine if you’re experiencing an issue that is known or get in touch with the developer directly to provide the specifics of the issue that’s happening. Make sure you include a complete explanation of your problem, as well as the manufacturer and the model of the device you’re using, as well as the OS version you’re running. Developer contact details on the app’s web page.

Widespread bugs

If the same issues appear randomly in various apps It will be difficult to determine the exact reason. It could be that a component in the hardware is malfunctioning, or the phone is running too hot or an upgrade did not work as expected. However, you don’t need to identify the problem with your phone for fixing it.

The traditional method of shutting off your device and back on can seem somewhat obvious, however, it’s a great solution for various issues. This is because it cleans off all the data in your phone’s memory that is temporary, so when a few apps are making your phone lose its focus, this could suffice to bring your phone back to normal once more.

If your phone has stopped working and you are unable to turn it off in the usual method, you can try a hardware reset. To determine which buttons to hold and press to trigger the reset, you can search for the phone’s model and maker on the internet. It is easy to locate directions for the Google Pixel phones or Apple’s many iPhone models.

If the failsafe that is off and on again fails then it’s time to engage in some investigation. Unexpected crashes can result from an overheated phone, so make sure you monitor the temperature of your phone while using it and charging it. If it’s frequently too hot, then the problem could be due to a defective charger or battery that’s in its last days.

An absence of local storage can result in crashes and random bugs So, make sure you know the free space available within your phone. For Android Open Settings and go towards Storage. For iOS go to Settings and then select General as well as iPhone Storage. If you’re running out of storage space then you’ll need to free up some space. Many phones come with an individual method to free up space, but if it does not, check out our guide on it.

In the last instance, you could consider resetting your phone to factory settings, which involves wiping out all data and creating it again like it was completely new. If the issue persists following that, you’re likely experiencing a hardware issue. To address that issue you need to scroll down until the section “Troubleshooting and other issues” section further down.

Low battery life

Everyone is struggling with battery life regardless of how brand new their smartphone is. However, if your battery’s capacity drops by half within just two hours and you’re not happy, it’s time to get your battery replaced. This happens when the battery becomes old and is beginning to lose its capacity quickly. If this happens on your phone, it is recommended to get the battery replaced by a professional. This would be logical when your phone is new. However, If you have an older handset, you could need an upgrade. Don’t forget to reuse your old handset after you have the new model.

How can you solve the most common smartphone issues?
How can you solve the most common smartphone issues?

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