How can the default node version be set using NVM?



I have installed nvm (ubuntu with zsh shell) with two node version: v6.11.5 and v9.0.0 and the default version in nvm is the v9.0.0

Every time I need to change the node version

$ nvm list
->       v9.0.0
default -> node (-> v9.0.0)
node -> stable (-> v9.0.0) (default)
stable -> 9.0 (-> v9.0.0) (default)

$ nvm v6

How could I change the nvm version default to define v6.11.5?


(nvm maintainer here)

nvm alias default 6.11.5 if you want it pegged to that specific version.

You can also do nvm alias default 16.

Either way, you’ll want to upgrade to the latest version of nvm (v0.33.11 as of this writing)

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