How can i use custom logger in fastify?



My company have a custom developed logger package, and we want to use that as default logger in fastify. I tried to understand how to register my logger with this simple example below, but fastify always use Pino.


const log = require("./Logger");
const fastify = require("fastify")({ logger: log });

fastify.get("/", (request, reply) => {
        "includes request information, but is the same logger instance as `log`"
    reply.send({ hello: "world" });



function Logger(...args) {
    this.args = args;
} = function(msg) {
    console.log("myLogger", msg);

logger.js also contains error, debug, fatal, warn, trace, child functions but the functions body is same.

The result is:

{"level":30,"time":1553095994942,"msg":"Server listening at","pid":14543,"hostname":"VirtualBox","v":1}

whitch is the default Pino output.


as explained here, your logger

must have the following methods

So this example works:

function Logger(...args) {
  this.args = args;
} = function (msg) { console.log("myLogger", msg); };
Logger.prototype.error = function (msg) { console.log("myLogger", msg); };
Logger.prototype.debug = function (msg) { console.log("myLogger", msg); };
Logger.prototype.fatal = function (msg) { console.log("myLogger", msg); };
Logger.prototype.warn = function (msg) { console.log("myLogger", msg); };
Logger.prototype.trace = function (msg) { console.log("myLogger", msg); };
Logger.prototype.child = function () { return new Logger() };

const myLogger = new Logger()
const app = require('fastify')({
  logger: myLogger

app.get("/", (request, reply) => {'hi');
  reply.send({ hello: "world" });


Here you can check the logger validation applied to your parameter

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