How can I play audio (playsound) in the background of a Python script?



I am just writing a small Python game for fun and I have a function that does the beginning narrative.

I am trying to get the audio to play in the background, but unfortunately the MP3 file plays first before the function continues.

How do I get it to run in the background?

import playsound

def displayIntro():
    print_slow('The year is 1845, you have just arrived home...')

Also, is there a way of controlling the volume of the playsound module?

I am using a Mac, and I am not wedded to using playsound. It just seems to be the only module that I can get working.


In Windows:

Use winsound.SND_ASYNC to play them asynchronously:

import winsound
winsound.PlaySound("filename", winsound.SND_ASYNC | winsound.SND_ALIAS )

To stop playing

winsound.PlaySound(None, winsound.SND_ASYNC)

On Mac or other platforms:

You can try this Pygame/SDL


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