How can I make a program on python that connects a raspberry pi to a windows PC and allows the two to communicate?



I currently have no ideas for what code I could use, nor if it is even possible but I have been asked to find out for work. I work for a broadcasting company and they have bought a raspberry pi as a experimental thing. They want to use it to attach to monitors and screens at festivals and other jobs they do. None of the other workers here even have the slightest idea how to work python 3 so its up to me to get a network set up between a windows 7 home premium pc and their raspberry pi. I have looked at some Youtube videos of various people trying to do this but each one says something different and it has confused me further. Please get back to me if anyone has a definitive answer. Thank you


Connecting to computers for communication has nothing to do with Python. Instead, you might want to look into SSH clients for windows and how to setup the corresponding server on the Raspberry (which will certainly run a Unix system). Everything else depends on the specific application.

Here is a tutorial on SSH using Windows:

You basically install PuTTY, log into your Raspberry and control it via command line (create and manipulate files etc.) as if you were working on the Raspberry directly.

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